Sunday, November 21, 2010

Woman Consumed by Illuminati -

 I write...

    I have read your web page on the prison in Arizona and I have a few comments and questions.  I have never understood the 'scariness' , for lack of a better term, about the subject of the Illuminati.  I believe that we humans can see patterns in almost everything if we want to.  It is part of the language center of our brain that our Creator has endowed upon us.  But what concerns me most is the number of apparent Christians that are dragged away and enticed to devote so much time and energy and focus on the Illuminati and Masonry and 'secret' patterns.  Do you believe that God is in control or these Illuminati?

    In one set of illustrations on that web page you make some points about Walmart.  First of all how did you ever get over the secret scariness of the Internet and the computer to even be on the web in the first place?  I have been with the personal computer industry since the very beginning and remember the irrational beliefs that some Christians had about the machines at that time.  So what makes you think you aren't being scanned and your mind and soul being altered as you read this?

    Back to Walmart-  Walmart is a business that makes money.  It is a legal business entity founded by a Christian man in the 1960's.  They employ people that otherwise would not have health care benefits.  Their real-estate office is vast and it is a Christian quality that we be wise with our money and not waste what God has given.  The intent of Walmart for many years was to proudly carry items for sale that were made in the USA.  However greed and laziness has taken its course in American industry and China is all too ready to fill the vacuum.  It is all about the customer and customer service in the retail world and having a balanced budget.  Something sorely needed in our government.

    Mentioning customer service reminds me of the RFID remarks you made.  Do you have any idea how much theft goes on in America?  The lostness of our people is so great that if theft was allowed to go unchecked in a busy setting like Walmart that it would actually drive up prices more.  To defeat competition, and believe me retail is very competitive, you have to defend yourself while maintaining the supply chain for the volume of customers that have needs.  There are still many low volume items to sell that mom and pop retail can earn a living from.  Tea & Spice Exchange is one good example. 

    I don't think anybody realizes this but the size and volume of Walmart is so great and its distribution system so great and vast and efficient that it is darn near close to being a national security issue.  We have 300,000,000 people in the US that need things and our vast retail system is unparalleled in human history.  But it is a human system that will be judged by God one day and trust me it does not need someone in Alabama frowning about bar code and RFID.  Do you enjoy long lines and manual data entry or do you like efficient service when you want to buy something and just go home?  Then there's Target and Best Buy and many others.  I hope you are still with me at this point because I have one more comment and then a closing from the Bible.

    We live in a broken world full of broken people who have sinned and crossed the line and done some terrible things that will be judged by God one day.  For now mankind, in America, has a system of prisons to keep, punish, and restore as many criminals as possible.  Here is where you come in.  In Arizona it is possible that this detention center may be used for processing people who have illegally crossed our borders with evil intent.  We even have Islamic terrorists crossing our southern border and probably the northern one as well.  We are being invaded.  It is also possible that one prison will be emptied out so that it can be modernized and your detention center of interest may be used for that purpose too.  What have you done to minister to the lost in these prisons?  Go to and read about what Christ has done for Pauline.  I ask that question of myself at the same time I ask you.

    Lastly, I leave you with a passage of scripture about dead men's bones.  You mention Walmart being built over bones although you don't provide proof it doesn't matter.  The very desk you are sitting in could be in a building built over a grave of someone who died a very long time ago and you aren't aware of it.  Given what you have said you should worry about this.  The entire subject about Illuminati is about worry.  God has not given us a spirit of fear but of a sound mind so use your time wisely that you have left on this earth to boldly proclaim Jesus and drop this focus on Illuminati.

1 Peter 5:7-9 (King James Version)

 7Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
 8Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
 9Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

What if I was from the Ukraine and spoke only Ukrainean?  Would I have to first learn English and then be saved by the King James Version of the bible or could I learn about Christ from the Ukrainean translation?  Your beliefs border on dogma, catma, mysticism and superstition. 

Have a great day of many blessings,

Wade Meyer
Sarasota, FL

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Liberals Want Our Church to Look Like

Lost souls look down their noses at evangelical Christianity as an institution that needs to be changed.  Stuck in the past.  Sorely needing to be made modern.  Behind the times.  Downright hateful.  These are some of the thoughts and bold assertions made by people who look at the floor in embarrassement when we pray or when we mention the name of Jesus in respectful tone.

I put together two images that convey what my church would look like from the perspective of the ordinary signs found on campus.  It gives me the creeps personally to look what I've created but more than that is what it does to Jesus Christ.  He was executed on the cross for sins that liberals want us to acclimate down to.

What looks like a phobia to the lost souls are actually self-defense mechanisms of Christians trying to defend what is true.  Defense against everything a Christian considers sinful- disobeying the law, alternate lifestyles that assault the plan God has for our lives, defending our own faith against foreign gods.

You see progressives are really not progressive if they put forward the same old sins that are 5,000 years old as somehow advanced and normal.  The real progressive is the one who put away the sins that entagle us and take up the cross of Christ and follow his example in our symbolic death-burial-resurrection sequence. 

Christ died on the cross for us all so when we step backwards into darkness we crucify the Lord all over again.  This is especially true for back-slidden Christians - Hebrews 6

If you have any questions or need specific references to bible quotations regarding any subject that irks you about Christians leave a comment.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Religions and Cultures Around the World

I had several Islamic friends in College both in Hot Springs and Fayetteville. In Hot Springs I went out with a young lady who did eventually marry one of my friends, Mahmood Soltanokatabi. They were married in the home of a professor off Greenwood St. just east of Central Ave. Mahmood and I were going to room together at UALR, share an apartment b/c UALR did not have a dormitory. My father stepped in and directed me to Fayetteville because there, in a dorm, someone else does the cooking for you and all you have to do is study and have fun, he said. So with that marriage and change of mind I left for UofA.  

At U of A I immediately joined the International Students club. For some reason I have always enjoyed the company of people from other countries because they, in many cases, have simpler lives and simpler entertainment demands compared to many Americans. Its probably why I married the girl I did, part of it anyway. All of us from many parts of the world, India, Pakistan, Iran, France, Cyprus and America had fun going on picnics making samples of our native foods to share.  I could never forget the Indian Festival of Lights.  I still keep their recipes in my collection.

Arkansas is so 'no wheres-ville' man; right smack in the middle of the continent, tiny college town, tiny college by comparison so it always amazed me how in the world people from these places found us! Probably low cost of living and tuition but at the time there was a world-wide demand for engineers and physicists trained in America. Market forces. Yet also Fayetteville, at the time, was the only university that had a working nuclear breeder reactor. Many Asian and Middle-Eastern countries needed to have an understanding of nuclear reactor physics for all the typical reasons of power generation, research and bomb making. Remember we still had a very active Cold War going on with Russia. Some of the top nuclear scientists now working for the President of Iran probably got their start in Fayetteville and America and elsewhere.

Changing conversation a bit here. I was raised in the Christian Church Disciples of Christ that was on Grand and now on Central Ave./Greenwood. When I was 12 the pastor asked if anyone would like to commit their life to Christ 'this morning' and I stepped away from my family like a big boy, walked to the Pastor, and told him what I wanted to do. Starting from age 12 I was taught the love and concern of God's people and about the forgiveness of sins through Jesus as intercessor between God and myself. I wasn't the perfect child and grew up stretching the boundaries as usual but all the while I got steeped in the history of the church from Genesis to Revelation. Nothing was ever mentioned to me of any other religion until I became older and began reading about them myself. From Siddhartha in High School, to reading the stuff that I was handed in airports and beyond it never rocked my world and changed anything because I knew I was hooked with the original and the best. The reason is because Christianity is a relationship NOT a religion as so many insist.  Jesus said "True religion is this that we lay down our life for another."  He did not say "True religion is this that we fire when ready at anybody who doesn't convert because my Father is defensless against the infidel."  But no matter the religion we are all screwups.  Jehovah's Witnesses are screwups, Catholics are screwups as well as Muslims and Hindus.

Mankind is not good at any religion he tries its part of his nature. He's built to fail from hitting his thumb with a hammer and cursing God to taking a curve too fast on the snow and running into a ditch with his car to plotting to blow up buildings. We're failures! We are such failures that there was only one perfect man that ever lived and we nailed him to a cross and murdered him. But he came down off that cross and rose again at the end of the Jewish Pesach (or Passover ) to forgive us for being who we are. He was the first of the dead to rise and will one day in the fullness of time retract his outstretched arms and judge the world in which all nations will be his footrest and then the end will come.

I know one of the ways that other systems of belief have been attractive to me is in the feeling of being exotic and different from my culture. You and I are both raised up in a system of government and of living in which the dominant influence is Judeo-Christian. It'd be the same if I was a Muslim man living in Egypt. Christianity might look mighty exotic and powerful and daring to me. (it would be risky too unlike here) Along the same lines picture the stereotypical American girl converted to Hinduism. She's sitting apparently placidly and comfortably in the Lotus position with her fingers held a certain way, perfumed and in wealthy surroundings. To me the test of authenticity has always been pain, persecution, and small numbers of followers. "The road is broad that leads to destruction, narrow is The Way and few will find it." That pretty much sums up Jews and Christians: pain and punishment for what you believe. Jews are universally despised and few know why.  The question becomes do I follow what the millions believe in through the centuries or what the other billions believe in?

As I was about to say I am not ashamed to share what I believe and you shouldn't either. Nor should we be afraid. As the B'rit Hadashah or New Testament says "Don't be afraid of men who can only kill the body but fear Him who can throw both body and soul into Hell." When you hear about awful things being done by your Muslim brothers against us all and their fellow believers the best advice is from the Apostle Paul who said to Christians "Expel the immoral brother from among you." That advice was meant to be an act of restoration from a man's repeated acts apart from God's will for his life not as punisment.  He, with prayer and hope, might become contrite of heart and ask for forgiveness to rejoin the body of blievers.  So take these facts as a petition to the closest Imam and suggest that restoration to a more peaceful way of life needs to be made for a fellow believer.  The marketing department of Islam is lacking because average Americans are not energetic enough to NOT paint the entire movement the same when someone hollers "Allahu Akbar !" and shoots people.  

Lamb stuffed Grape Leaves for Ramadan
The conclusion of all this is America is changing and no longer dominated by a few origins of thought.  Many people who came from other countries like my people lived as quiet productive citizens within our system.  Islam is one of two movements that strives by force to punish and change America from what she was.  Light cannot partake of darkness and darkness of light.  Ones motives have to follow the law of non-contradiction in which no two things of equal but opposite intent can both be true.  For example if I buy a t-shirt from the Hollister store in the Mall it is not equal to taking the t-shirt because I am poor, unemployed and cannot afford it.  One way is right the other wrong.  I can't care about someone else's religous celebration because I cannot identify with the religion.  It is as far away to me as Los Angeles is from New York.  But art and music and math and the sciences is something we can all appreciate together.  After all where would we be without the Arabic peoples contributions to astronomy, math and economics?  The above link if you click on the title will take you to a higher appreciation to vast differences and contributions to mankind arising from the listed beliefs.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

God and Nature - Philosophical Points

This was an email sent to an old college buddy that has the patience to apparently read what I write...

I think we may have a tropical disturbance off our coast.  Every time it rains like this it reminds me of (and IF I have said this before its because I'm an old guy that starts repeating myself) of one of the Star Trek movies where they visit a dark world that seems to rain all the time.

Well I had me another run in with that cotton mouth moccasin this afternoon.  I suddenly remembered that I had a trimmer engine project outside and I'll be danged I looked out the window and the bare bones intake port was pointed right up at the sky.  (blazes! and phooey!) So I went out in the rain picked up the trimmer and put it in the shed and as I turned around that's when I saw that snake again alongside the house playing around the water coming out of the gutter.  I don't suppose he was playing so much as planning how he could swallow me but we scared each other anyway.

Once I got to the part of the book where the old man hooks the 18' marlin off the coast of Cuba in his 16' wood skiff I just couldn't put the book down until I finished it.  Out of maybe 100 pages 70 are devoted to his ordeal with hauling in this fish.  In Ernest Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea I have now read this book as an older fella and it was laugh out loud funny.  When I was in High School or whatever I don't remember it being so funny or so philosophically right-on about life's struggle for a big prize.  Pick it up again especially in September because the time is September when the story is portrayed.  You'll see you'll like it.

Let me re-visit the snake story.  I don't watch the weather.  Unless something fun is happening in the tropics I don't go to the online weather channel as a general rule.  I don't care I know the sun will rise the humidity with it and etc.  So seeing the big water snake yesterday actually portended the torrential rainfall we've had all day.  You see God has bestowed upon the humble beasts of the world this inate sense of what is going to happen next.  Especially when it has a potential to impact the furtherance of the species.  The character of Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea is an example of a man being able to read the signs of nature and learn from her.  In fact to him the sea is female.  At my house , if you are a water snake, the place to be is down a small hill to a canal ditch full of slow running water where there are frogs and small fish and wood rats.  I've seen the wood rats they are cute little brown furry animals with beady black eyes that steal bird seed from the neighbor and try to hide it in my air conditioner.  Oh yeah.

In one way the snake is welcome in another not.  We can work as a team against the rats or if I see him too much I will have to play the part of the Queen of Hearts and say "Off with your head!".

I'm sort of rambling expositorially tonight but there are tons and tons of people that scoff and laugh and make fun of people like me that believe that there was once a world-wide flood and a man and his family  built a survival vessel out of wood on a mountain and in the act of doing so obeyed God and started "Planet Earth- Take #2 snap!".  There is so much proof that the only way to not believe it is to ignore it.  This instinct of survival caused the choice animals of the world to come to higher ground to this survival vessel probably before and even during the rain and the water that was unlocked from fissures in the earth.  Animals behave differently and cooperatively during bad weather for the good of all.  It is a good lesson for people.  That is why I never call evil people animals.  I call them evil.  When the men flew planes into the Trade Center in New York they weren't animals in a derogatory sense they were evil.

To end on a light note.  I attended a concert at church tonight to show my support of the teens that are making music that doesn't go down to the least common denominator like Eminem but is positive.  Amy and I were sitting next to a mom and her retarded son who was about 14 judging by his size.  He reached across Amy to grab my shiny wristwatch and said "Ofn sne hummph!".  So I said "Oh you like my watch here!" and I took it off and gave it to him to play with.  He put it real up close to his eyes and held it in both hands like it was the only thing in the universe.  Music blaring, lights flashing onstage and I listened.  About 5 minutes later the mom hands my watch back to me and I put it on.  Later I go to Walmart and am shopping all the while thinking it is 8:21pm as I head to the checkout line.  I get home in 5 minutes and glance at the house clock and it said 9:38!  I got a good laugh from myself on the trick the boy played on me.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello Chicago

Hi Chicago,
I hope all is well up there.  Nothing is more comforting than walking your sidewalks on a freezing day and finding a Caribou Coffee Shop to the rescue!  We are looking forward to another normal year with lots of fun and adventure.

I wanted to ask you if you ever thought about what you would do in a terrorist attack?  The world is kind of going crazy right now and the guy in the oval office is going soft on Islamic Jihad, being politically correct and attempting to disarm our 1st strike capabilities etc.  He's distanced Israel and given Israel's neighbors permission to act riotly, for lack of a better term.  

I've been studying the enemy from both the current news and from a Biblical perspective.  Some have said that this very moment is more tense than the days of the Cuban Missile crisis.  With Russia we were dealing with people that looked like us and were halfway sane in many ways except for godlessness.  We had helped them in WWII.  Islam is different in a vast way and its my impression that many of that faith have made their way into our country and into your area of the country in particular.  Heck I've even been driven in a taxi by a Muslim man from your airport.  Peaceful as they may seem, just as in Christianity there are wolves among sheep.  I've been reading a book written 4 years ago by
Mark Hitchcock called "Iran and the Coming Crisis- Radical Islam, Oil, and the Nuclear Threat".  He made no predictions however it is interesting to see how history since then has unfolded.  I'll probably send the book to my brother b/c I know he likes to read such.  In his book he outlines many options and events sort of like a game of chess.  The concept of a sleeper cell is talked about and how it might be activated by a signal to execute a plan.

The United States is a vast land with many options for an enemy but this enemy is different from a superpower type enemy.  So out the window goes the old plans for 'duck and cover' and the FEMA maps of likely targets and fallout patterns.  This enemy wants to strike at the heart of the American psyche as they did in 9/11 by bringing down our tallest buildings, symbols of infidel success.  They have no real discernible western style logic only hatred that goes back thousands of years (that itself being illogical because Islam is a comparatively new religion going back just 1200 years or so)  That is why secular pundits fail to reason out why things happen the way they do.  Even a lot of analysts leave out the Biblical perspective and miss the big big picture.  I won't go into that here you can buy
Mark's book instead.
So having said all that I just wanted to remind you that in their mind Chicago might be the kind of target they would select for several reasons and is one of several options for terrorist strikes.

  • Chicago is the rail capitol of the United States.  I can name about 5 freight railroads that use Chicago.
  • Coal from the Powder River Basin passes thru Chicago areas to customers in the east.  Chicago uses coal for energy.
  • Commerce - Chicago Board of Trade and major business hubs that process and buy and sell what America needs every day right down to the food on the table.
  • Not one but 2 international airports that are hubs leading to the hearts of American businesses here and overseas with many VIPs coming and going.
  • A distant but probably porous border with Canada.
  • By way of the Saint Lawrence Seaway you are connected to the ocean and probably receive and send container vessels or container ships.
  • Our oil refineries are in the south and we will still want to be customers no matter what!
  • Islam doesn't care that it is the home to the Obama's.  They're using him anyway.

A dirty bomb is a small container with radioactive material that can be distributed by the simplest explosive device.  It can poison the water people drink it can pollute an entire neighborhood or building complex and render it uninhabitable for weeks or months.  A nuclear bomb of the strength we used in Japan could be surface detonated right in the harbor if someone so much as fails to search a vessel somewhere along the line.  Did I mention sleeper cells?  You saw the anarchy resulting from just hurricane Katrina in New Orleans from people who have no moral compass and no regard for life.

I think I've given you enough information and I hope that you aren't reading this just before going to bed.  God is in control of this world still but I think its wise to have a family plan to meet at a certain spot and then quickly move in the proper direction to avoid as much of humanity as possible.  The basement is a good thing too.  In the crazy nuke scenario remember that your prevailing winds are to your advantage.  Our family has a plan in case of hurricane direct strikes on our town and fortunately we aren't much of a target here for terrorists unless you consider 85 year old men driving Buicks a menace.  I'll probably be one of them someday.

These are some encouraging verses about plans.Job 5:11-13
Psalm 33:9-11
Psalm 140:1-3
Isaiah 29:14-16
Jeremiah 29:10-12 (this was Babylonian Jews none better than the ones destroyed but God forgave and prospered His people as He does we can trust)

Genesis 8:21-22  My favorite verse against the global warming people.

Hope this helps,


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Johnny

Hi Johnny,

It has been many years since we went to school together and a lot has changed in our world since then. I've had more than my share of ups and downs in the job market and health but all in all I'm a survivor a struggler and a winner.

Some of your friends on Facebook sincerely care about our nation and the special treatment and special power being gained by groups trying to re-define what a family is. We aren't evil or stupid or morons but there is a massive amount of evidence and statistics out there showing the LGBT beliefs are bad for folks long term health, mental/physical health of children and bad for our nation.

Our nation was conceived in liberty but our freedoms stop at other people's noses. Someone has got to establish a very high standard of morality in our world or it just falls to pieces. The reason is everyone then has the right to do anything they want because they are their own moral standard. Its not because our grandparents were stupid and backward and didn't know nuthin' that the LGBT lifestyle wasn't celebrated in their day. No, it was because intrinsically they knew it was un-natural.

For U.S. laws there is no higher standard than a strict interpretation of the United States Constitution and for Man's moral guideline there is no higher standard than God's laws.

No civilization in ancient history has ever ever endured that floundered in perversion, sacrificed babies and children to gods or broke down in utter chaos. It isn't about us its about tomorrow and its about our nation not self-destructing to the point where drugs and sex is everywhere, beastiality is everywhere. The next step is marrying humans to animals and extending rights to those relationships as well. It just is a pandora's box.

If you aren't furious by now and still reading I'm almost done. I've tried to be as kind as possible but you must understand that I did not set up the universe the way it is or make its laws so it isn't me telling others what they can do or not do with their bodies. I'm just the messenger. I do believe in spiritual higher powers and the highest power. The highest power has a name and the Jews call Him Yahweh. Myself and Jim and others call Him God. We have found a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and he cleansed us and made us whole and gave us ways in which we can fight the "snare that so easily entagles"; otherwise we might be celebrating a world of no rules like so many others.

You're looking good man, I'm showing the years. Its been great keeping up with old faces and names these days. Please re-consider your position on this subject and remember that we Christians can't condemn anybody that people are condemned already enough. We believe the LGBT lifestyles forced on America publicly will wreck homes that are already wrecked enough. Children need a mother and a father to be whole complete little human beings that aren't brainwashed. It is essential for their spiritual lives and the very survival of our species.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pool Water Filtration at My House

I have a modest house in Florida and many even modest homes have a swimming pool.  Mine was probably constructed back in the 1980's although the house dates to the 1970's.  The pool is almost 8' deep at the drain and is constructed of cement.  It takes exactly 10,031 gallons of water to fill it to proper level about midway up the dark blue tile border.   We don't use the pool as much as one would imagine so its probably the most expensive decoration a home can have.   Its a shame really but water and plenty of it is soothing to the human soul so to even look at it is comforting.  I have a creek that runs along the back yard which I will mention later.

Recently visistors were to come to the house and stay for a week so my wife authorized me to change out the water and get it ready for swimming.  Financial times have been tough so part of my austerity program was to spend 0 dollars on the pool.  I just let it go.  Here's a picture at the end of 6 months of neglect.
Mr. and Mrs. Froggy found a living off bugs and larvae and who knows what else.  They settled in and had children all of which were later pumped out to the creek.  Maud and Claude were relocated to the creek bank as well.  A lovely couple and outstanding swimmers to catch with my skimmer net.

It was really quite easy to drain the cruddy water and pressure wash the walls and scour it with bleach.  The most problem was fussing with equipment like the gas engine and the electric sump pump when it had problems.  That being done I filled the pool with a garden hose over a period of about 3 days.  I turn it off during peak use times out of consideration of neighbors plus I don't want to run it during the night and risk overfilling.  In Sarasota county if you don't report your water usage in this way you will be charged for sewage treatment. They don't know that your 10,000 gallons didn't go back into the public system after all.

My circulation pump is a 1hp motor and it forces water through a Pentair FNS DE filter.  Diatomaceous Earth filters for pools are the finest level of reasonable filtration possible.  The media costs very little and looks exactly like bread flour.  You mix it in a 5 gal. bucket of water and slowly pour it into the return skimmer screen.  Over 2 or 3 days of running the garden hose you get some dust and pollen from the air but not a whole lot.  Most visible are just insects and leaves.  The next picture is a combined before and after shot of my pool.  'Before' is the city water un-balanced, un-filtered, and not chlorinated for people to swim in.  'After' is just 24 hours of filtering, a bag of pool shock and 1.5 gallons of pool chlorine.  In 24 hours my circulation pump has probably passed all the water twice through the DE filter grids.  Look at the amazing results.

The colors you see are the colors not absorbed by the water from the rainbow of colors.  The light is a ordinary filament bulb that gives off primarily a yellow-white light.  Photo taken at night with no flash obviously.  If anything this is proof that city water does need a little scrubbing but is good enough for human consumption.  The Pentair DE filter is capable of filtration down to 1/10 the width of a human hair or about the size of a particle of fog.  I think its a great filter and I recommend it.  I had a Jacuzzi brand DE filter and it was so complex and delicate I dreaded working with it.

I did have to adjust the Alkalinity a little with city water which brings me to my point about the creek behind my house.  The creek is basically a drainage canal of fresh water coming from commercial building condensation water drainage, neighborhoods watering lawns, rainwater obviously and tinted from the roots of plants.  BUT when I have filled my pool only with creek water the chemistry was perfect.  I needed no adjustment to Ph or alkalinity.  Just shock it and filter it and it was good to go.  I think that's interesting in itself.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

More Church Unification or "Nobody is as Dumb as All of Us"

To read up on this topic you can click -->World Communion of Reformed Churches .  But to read up and become as well informed as I am on the specific topic of Gender Justice in this unification of reformed churches you can click on the title of this post.  A PDF file will open up and you will be able to read the agenda outline of a royal smart female in this organization.  Gender justice resource paper has an intended purpose of finishing the work the ancients failed to implement.

Topic Sentence for this posting:  "John Calvin, John Knox, Martin Bucer, Heinrich Bullinger, Peter Martyr Vermigli, and Huldrych Zwingli you all have really cool names but you are all miserable failures for not beginning the work of gender equality and sexual orientation equality in your respective reformed churches.  We, the women, and we the women who are genetic errors are about to set you straight.  This is a historical step that the wise, all sufficient 100% biblically correct modern women of today will complete for you."

Resources: Any of the names and organizations mentioned in this posting can be easily researched in Wikipedia.  I am no expert and except for reading a little more from other sources Wikipedia will get you up and running in definitions and history.

Warning to Readers:  Do Not read too much about the issues of the Reformation Movement, the churchy vocabulary that defines it and the various creeds that contain it.  Otherwise you will tempt insanity from information  overload.  A side effect would be to come to a new appreciation of the ecumenical graduates whose theses were based on memorization of said overload.  Jesus saves.  That's all you have to know.

I could make this really complicated and paste diagrams of all the churches and denominations of the Reformation Movement but I want to make this easy to get to the point.  Instead I'm going to paste a railroad freight classification yard.

At the near end of the freight classification yard where the little gender neutral person is hanging off the side of the boxcar is representation of the results of unification.  Mid-picture all the rails represent various reformed churches.  Why use the term 'reformed'?  Because at the furthermost distant end of the rail yard that you cannot see is a single rail called The Catholic Church.  This rail yard, as many do, has a bypass around it for hotshot manifests that don't need anything added or subtracted because the hotshot manifests are sufficient to themselves as complete for the destination in the delivery of their train car contents.

There you have it!  The whole explanation of The Reformation Movement Unification in one photo and 4 sentences.  When you take that and add it to Bible scripture you have, possibly, 2 churches of the 7 churches alluded to in Revelation 1 and cryptically mentioned in Revelation 2.  This is a milestone in the spiritual history of the world.

Jesus said to us that we will hear wars and rumors of wars and that we should not be alarmed by that but that the end is still to come. (Mark 13)  Just easily one could conclude that we can hear of splits and rumors of unification among divisions of the church but do not be alarmed the end is still to come.  The Catholic Church views itself as the one true church and the Reformed Church, as a bad child, with no root historical connection to St. Paul and Jesus.  Reality is who cares what the Catholic Church thinks they have problems sufficient for their days.

The problem I have with these modernist progressive women and their cause is that without knowing it they denigrate and undermine the contributions of women in the church throughout history.  Worst is in the WCRC there is no room for discussion. It has been decided.  But to read this paper of the Reverend Patricia Sheerattan-Bisnauth an outsider would think that church ladies have been expected to wear burkah's or be barefoot and pregnant for their entire life in the church.  I have been a baptized Christian since the age of 12 and in my teen years a female ordained minister was hired at my Christian Church Disciples of Christ to wear the robe alongside our man minister.  The Holy Spirit alerted me that this was unnatural to God's design of the church because there was no shortage of men.  There are instances I am certain that have occurred in history where most of the men had been killed in war and a woman has stood up and served to pastor a village or to serve as a deaconess but it is not their place to be there on normal basis.  In other words there is a reason why men should be pastors and deacons and I will leave that for you to discover.  We haven't even touched the sodomite issue.

Anytime you want to know where a church denomination stands on sodomy search for discussions of gender.  Keywords surrounding this acceptance include 'gender', 'diversity', 'ethnic unification', 'cultural awareness' dialogs expressing 'concerns'.  In the Bible God condemns the adding or subtracting of words from scripture.  These women in the church are careful to avoid it technically speaking but in reality they are adding words that are not there.  Challenge me on that.  Give me proof.  Reverend Patricia gives her proof in Galatians 3:28.  What do you think?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Worldly Fun Stuff

Since the Supercenter opened traffic in the parking lot is jammed all the time.  People are so intent on getting the very first parking spot that they jam the whole lane full.  My tactic is to just get my shopping done and get out.  So I park in the back of the lot and, walking in at a normal pace, I get in before all the people parking up close.  What makes it worse is that 4 different groups will load groceries into their cars and instantly want out at the same time.  So they begin backing out.  What a hassle.

The best part is I might start working there.  My wife is pushing from inside for somebody to give me a call.  Makes sense monetarily even if Walmart pays less than the church.  Like earning 12/hr for 20 hours is the same as working 40 hours at 6/hr so if Walmart paid 9/hr then I'd be money ahead over the 40hour week.

  I'm trying to be productive here whilst the hubub is out of the house.  I'm painting some inside trim and front door and touchup stuff.  But I rented a couple of action films to watch that would've been too disruptive.  Braveheart I watched this morning before returning it.  What a long movie that was and it was a challenge eating toast and cereal while spears were going through people's heads.  Ever seen Braveheart?  I recommend it.  The main storyline is historically accurate overall so its not like watching something made up.  Getting the time frame in my head is thought provoking to say the least.  I'm accustomed to reading ancient stories and history.  So when you watch a movie portray Scotland in 1230AD and look how primitive life is portrayed and even how Edinburgh may have looked then you realize that even that is one thousand two hundred years after the death of Christ.  Sort of gives me an appreciation for how well preserved the bible is compared to any documents coming out of Scotland in 1230AD.  Its supernatural in fact.

Oh what do you think of the Icelandic volcano?  You know there are a lot of events happening right now but next time someone decides to launch a volcano they should at least name it something easy like we do hurricanes.  Volcano Betsy is much easier to pronounce than Volcano Eyjafjallajokull!  Sheesh.  Volcano Sheesh is another easy name to pronounce.
Take that global warming believers and think about it.
Give it a ticket!  Fine it a bazillion dollars for pollutin'. 
Tell it not to erupt until it has earned more carbon credits.

  Hears the faith lesson in all of this:

  • In the last 365 days we have seen a volcano ground all the planes of the European Union.
  • The earth shook half an island and reduced it to rubble.
  • The earth shook the southern tip of South America causing infrastructure to collapse like a child's playthings.
  • Tsunami waves washed ashore thousands of miles away.
  • Earthquake in northern Mexico causing a little confusion
  • Submarine earthquake off the coast of Honduras plus an earthquake on the mainland of Honduras wrecking roads and disrupting day to day lives.
  • A plague launching out of Mexico called H1N1.
  • A very lovely fireball meteor landing and not hurting anything but reminding us all that we don't know where everything is in space.
With one exception, the virus, insurance companies are left with no other terminology other than calling them Acts of God.  It isn't their statement of belief necessarily they just have to fill out a form and put something on the blank line.

This is a quote of something, an event, that is still to happen in the future, that was dictated to a man named Ezekiel.  It hasn't happened yet but you can see now that it is possible from just what I wrote above and what you catch on the news about world events. 

"When Gog attacks the land of Israel, my hot anger will be aroused, declares the Sovereign LORD. 19 In my zeal and fiery wrath I declare that at that time there shall be a great earthquake in the land of Israel. 20 The fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the beasts of the field, every creature that moves along the ground, and all the people on the face of the earth will tremble at my presence. The mountains will be overturned, the cliffs will crumble and every wall will fall to the ground. 21 I will summon a sword against Gog on all my mountains, declares the Sovereign LORD. Every man's sword will be against his brother. 22 I will execute judgment upon him with plague and bloodshed; I will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur on him and on his troops and on the many nations with him. 23 And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the LORD." This isn't even the final battle just a warmup.  Ezekiel 39 then describes the drunken feast of the animals that normally clean up roadkill.

To Steven Hawking and Richard Dawkins and others likeminded I say "A fool says in his heart there is no God."

Israel-US crisis deepens

Pastor Mike wants you to have this news update on the
state of Israel/Palestinian relations. David Dolan has
been reporting on news in the Middle East since 1980.
A good and balanced news source. Pastor Mike

By David Dolan

A new wave of Palestinian violence engulfed Jerusalem
and surrounding areas during March, leaving several
dead and many others wounded in its wake. Israeli
officials and political analysts indicated that the
American government was at least partly to blame for
the renewed unrest, which broke out after US leaders
issued harsh condemnations of Israeli home building in
the small country's capital city.

During a late March visit to the United States, Israeli
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made clear that he
will never order a halt to Jewish home construction in
the holy city that has been the Jewish people's most
sacred site on earth for over 3,000 years. He stated
this one day before meeting several times with US
President Barack Obama at the White House. Israeli
media reports said the meetings were extremely tense,
with the US leader himself insisting that Netanyahu
must immediately halt all home construction in areas of
Jerusalem captured from Jordanian forces in 1967,
including the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

Netanyahu consulted with six "inner security cabinet"
ministers, including Defense Minister Ehud Barak who
was accompanying him on his US trip, before reportedly
telling the President that Israel's home building policy
in Jerusalem will never be altered. The Israeli Premier
noted that this has been the consistent policy of all
Israeli governments over the past 43 years, and that
fact didn't stop Yasser Arafat from signing the
American-mediated Oslo peace accords in the 1990s,
nor prevent peace agreements from being reached with
Egypt and Jordan. He also pointed out that he has
ordered many actions over the past year that have
significantly eased living conditions in Palestinian cities
and towns, including the tearing down of dozens of
Israeli security roadblocks that has facilitated
Palestinian economic activity. News reports said
Netanyahu was considering a request from the
American leader for additional concessions in order to
get the Palestinians back to the negotiating table.
While security forces were focused on restoring calm in
Arab populated portions of Jerusalem, fresh violence
broke out in the Gaza Strip, leaving two Israeli soldiers
dead. The clashes began when an army patrol unit
came upon Palestinian infiltrators planting bombs next
to the border fence. Israeli tank and artillery was then
fired at known Hamas militia positions in the area. One
week earlier, a Thai agricultural worker was killed when
a rocket landed on the farm he was working on inside
Israeli territory. Security officials warned that Israel
will need to respond in a major way if the unprovoked
assaults continue, noting that over 325 rockets have
landed inside Israel since the Gaza conflict ended on
January 18, 2009, most of them deliberately launched
at civilian areas.
Vigilance was maintained along the northern borders
with Lebanon and Syria. This came as Israel's armed
forces chief told a Knesset committee that the
Iranian-backed Hizbullah militia is deploying more men
in southern Lebanon in apparent anticipation of a
possible upcoming clash with IDF forces. Arab news
reports revealed that hundreds of Sunni Palestinian
men have arrived in Lebanon in recent months to fight
alongside the radical Shiite Lebanese force. Iranian
leaders issued more verbal blasts against Israel during
the month, saying the Jewish state is in the process of
being abandoned by its Western allies and will soon be


Whenever political relations are strained between the
United States and Israel, anti-American Arab Muslim
groups like Hamas seem to see this as an opportunity
to foment violent clashes with Israeli security forces.
After fairly warm ties during the eight years that the
Bush administration governed America, tensions
between Washington and Jerusalem have been
mushrooming over the past year, sparked off by
Barrack Obama's verbal pressure on the Netanyahu
government to halt all construction in the disputed
territories and eastern Jerusalem.
Relations deteriorated even further while Vice President
Joe Biden was visiting Israel during the first week of
March. The American official was in the country to
inaugurate indirect US-mediated peace negotiations
between the Netanyahu government and the
Palestinian Authority.
The day after Biden arrived at Ben Gurion Airport, an
announcement was released by the Israeli Interior
Ministry stating that permits would be issued to build
1,600 new housing units, mainly apartments, in the
northeast Jerusalem suburb of Ramat Shlomo, which
translates into English as "The Heights of Solomon."
Already home to hundreds of observant Jews, the
suburb lies between the eastern slops of the Mount of
Olives and Mount Scopus and one of the largest Jewish
communities in the disputed territories, Ma'ale
Biden quickly echoed Palestinian leaders in strongly
condemning the announced building project. In his
remarks, he implied that he was personally insulted
that such a declaration was made while he was in
Israel, indicating he viewed it as a deliberate slap in
the face by the Prime Minister.


PM Netanyahu and his top aides tried to explain to the
offended American deputy leader and his entourage
that they did not know in advance the Interior Ministry
would make what officials in the ministry viewed as a
routine announcement. They said American officials
should understand that unlike the United States with its
two party political system, Israel is a parliamentary
democracy that is always ruled by coalition
governments comprised of several different political
parties with varying positions and opinions. Each party
views the ministries they control as their own little
"government" inside the larger coalition quilt.
One of Netanyahu's current partners, the Orthodox
Shas party, runs the Interior Ministry, as they have
done for most of the past 25 years under both Labor
and Likud-led governments. The party always seeks
control of the Interior Ministry primarily because it has
direct authority over marriages (which by law must be
carried out by an ordained rabbi if either the bride or
groom are Jewish), along with funerals. The ministry
also disperses tax revenues to cities and towns for local
projects like synagogue building, and issues housing
Netanyahu explained to Biden that a low level
committee simply finished its routine review of the
proposed Ramat Shlomo project, and simply by
coincidence issued the building permits the day before
the Vice President arrived in Israel. Netanyahu and
other officials apologized to Biden for the bad timing of
the announcement. Later the Premier ordered that all
future Jerusalem building announcements be
coordinated first with his office.
However Netanyahu also told the Vice President that he
should be more mindful of the politically risky actions
he has taken in response to the American demand that
all settlement construction be halted. He noted that
the Civil Administration which oversees Jewish affairs in
Judea and Samaria has issued more than 400
stop-work orders and confiscated over 40 pieces of
heavy machinery used by contractors since the Israeli
building ban went into effect the end of November.
This occurred despite strong protests from many of
Netanyahu's political backers. He also noted that 11
structures and building foundations have been
demolished, despite furious protests from Jewish
residents who see this as feeding Muslims hopes and
expectations that over 350,000 Jews will be uprooted
from their homes as part of any final peace settlement
with Israel.
US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton added fuel to the
fire by terming the Interior Ministry announcement "an
insult" to America, adding that Israel needed to make
the current building ban permanent and halt all
construction in the eastern half of Jerusalem. This
came as Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to
America, sent out a memo saying diplomatic relations
between the United States and Israel are more strained
now than they have been since the mid 1970s, when
the Israeli government resisted American pressure to
evacuate IDF forces from the Sinai peninsula, captured
during the 1973 Yom Kippur war that began when Egypt
and Syria attacked Israel on its holiest day with full
Soviet backing.


As violent Palestinian protests spread to several
portions of Jerusalem, Biden seemed to grasp that the
American administration might be adding to the unrest
by making a mountain out of a molehill. On his last full
day in the country, he delivered a speech before
students at Tel Aviv University that Israeli leaders
characterized as quite friendly. He justified his anger
over the home building announcement by stating "Quite
frankly folks, only a friend can deliver the hardest
truth." But then he added that "American support for
Israel is not just an act of friendship; it's an act of
fundamental national self-interest on the part of the
United States, a key component to our broader efforts
to secure this region and a wider world, as well as our
own security."

The Vice President said he fully appreciates Israel's
apprehension to take additional risks for peace after its
military withdrawal from South Lebanon in May 2000
and Gaza Strip evacuation in August 2005 were met
with "rockets as a reward." Biden also spoke of "the
special connection to Israel" felt by American Jews, and
said the Obama government expects indirect American
mediated peace talks to begin soon, despite the Israeli
Interior Ministry's ill-timed housing announcement.
President Obama himself seemed to realize that things
were getting out of hand. He made a rare appearance
on the Fox News network where he averred that "Israel
is one of our closest allies on earth." He also noted that
"the Israeli people have a special bond with us and it's
not going to go away," although he added that "friends
are going to disagree sometimes" and that the Israeli
building announcement "was not helpful" to American
efforts to re-start the stalled peace process.
Political analysts said the President was partly reacting
to strong criticism of his approach to Israel over the
past year which appeared mid month in both the
normally left of center Washington Post and the more
right wing Wall Street Journal. The Post editorial laid
the blame for deteriorating US-Israeli relations
squarely on the President's shoulders, saying "It has
been startling, and a little puzzling, to see Mr. Obama
deliberately plunge into another public brawl with the
Jewish state." The paper added that this will hardly
help persuade the Palestinian Authority to return to the
negotiating table. The Journal editorial was even more
pointed, maintaining that "If the Obama Administration
opts to transform itself, as the Europeans have, into
another set of lawyers for the Palestinians, it will find
Israeli concessions increasingly hard to come by."

Several members of Obama's own Democratic Party
also voiced criticism of his dealings with Israel.
Representative Gary Peters from Michigan said, he
hoped "the administration will end its unnecessary
denunciations of Israel and will instead turn its focus to
working with Congress to finally enact strong sanctions
on Iran." Former Democratic Party vice presidential
candidate Joe Lieberman, now a registered
Independent, joined with Republican Senator John
McCain to state on the Senate floor that "the American
relationship with Israel is one of the strongest, most
important, most steadfast bilateral alliances we have in
the world."

PM Netanyahu met earlier the same day with Speaker
of the House Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader John
Boehner, thanking them for their "constant support and
unflagging friendship." He added that although "the
challenges we face are immense, our will and our
partnership is also immense."

However a substantially different tone was adopted by
a senior American military leader. Testifying before a
Senate committee just days after the acrimonious
Biden visit to Israel, General David Petraeus, the
army's Central Command chief, alleged that "Israeli
government intransigence" was "harming US interests"
in the Middle East. Adopting words that some in Israel
saw as clearly anti-Semitic, he added that this
supposed "intransigence" could contribute to future
American military casualties in the region. Some
analysts said this was yet another worrying sign that
the Obama administration may be backing away from
fully supporting Israel in its ongoing conflict with Iran,
with the consent of at least some senior military


Joe Biden asserted that the ill timed Israeli apartment
building announcement might prevent the Palestinians
from returning to the peace table. This came after
Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said that the PA
"can't go to the talks while Israel is building
settlements." However Arab and Israeli media reports
claimed that PA leader Abbas will order his negotiators
to attend the indirect negotiations after a "suitable
delay" designed to demonstrate their anger that more
religious Israeli Jews will be living not far from the
Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site on earth, which
Palestinian Muslims claim as exclusively their own.

During a speech before the American-Israel Public
Affairs Committee in New York, PM Netanyahu,
countered that Jerusalem is Israel's eternal capital city,
not some "settlement" that might be torn down as a
result of any final peace accord. In a passionate
speech, he reviewed the deep, ancient and enduring
Jewish connection to the holy city, gaining sustained
applause from his mostly Jewish audience. The
Premier later told his cabinet ministers that
"establishing Jewish neighborhoods does not hurt
Jerusalem's Arab residents, and is not at their
expense." Israeli officials pointed out to their American
colleagues that PA leader Mahmoud Abbas had sat
down to discuss peace terms with the former Barak and
Olmert governments while Jewish home building
proceeded in the disputed territories and in all portions
of Jerusalem, as was also the case when Yasser Arafat
discussed the Oslo peace deal with the government led
by Yitzhak Rabin.

It is precisely the Obama administration's repeated
demands last year that Netanyahu halt all construction
that has caused the Palestinians to dig in their heels,
they aver, despite the fact that last November, the
Premier did order a ten month halt to all home
construction in all contested communities north and
south of Jerusalem's municipal boundaries. They noted
that Netanyahu's decision caused a major commotion
with some of his coalition partners and many members
of his own Likud party, even if it at least partially
pleased the White House.

Despite the escalating tensions in US-Israeli diplomatic
relations, Benjamin Netanyahu requested a meeting
with President Obama the day after his AIPAC speech.
In the end, the Premier stayed an extra two days in
Washington to meet several times with the American
leader and to consult with his top aides on what actions
he might take to ease tensions. The Israeli delegation
remained tight lipped on how the meetings went, but
the Israeli press portrayed them as extremely strained.
They noted that Obama abruptly left one of the
meetings mid way in order to eat supper with his wife
and two daughters in his private White House quarters,
suddenly leaving the Israeli leader alone with some of
his aides. American officials also refused to allow the
media to cover the meetings or take any pictures of the
two leaders, despite the fact that photographers are
normally allowed to snap shots of visiting foreign
dignitaries meeting with the President.


An attempt by the radical Palestinian Hamas movement
to stage a massive "day of rage" last October failed to
bring many people into the streets of Jerusalem and
other areas to clash with Israeli security forces.
However just one day after the American Vice
President's official visit ended, many Jerusalem streets
were filled with violence once again. As has been the
case so many times over the past 80 years, the unrest
began on the Temple Mount, which Muslim's call the
Islamic "Noble Sanctuary."

Acting on security tips that violent actions were being
planned on the Friday after Biden left the country,
police forces were beefed up in and around Jerusalem.
Palestinian Muslim males under the age of 50 were
prevented from attending Friday prayers on the Temple
Mount. This sparked off clashes at the holy site and in
nearby neighborhoods, which spread over the weekend
to other parts of the disputed territories. A closure was
imposed on the areas, which was later extended over
five days.

Meanwhile Hamas took advantage of the situation to
call for a "Day of Rage" on Monday, March 15. This
was timed to coincide with the official opening of the
large Hurva synagogue in Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter
which was first constructed in 1701, and served as the
center of Jewish religious and cultural life until
Jordanian troops deliberately blew it up after occupying
the walled Old City in 1948. Several Israeli policemen
were injured as Palestinian rioters took to the streets,
with one officer shot in the process, suffering medium
injuries. Over 100 Palestinians were treated for mostly
minor injuries as the clashes spread to many Arab
Speaking at the dedication ceremony, Ashkenazi Chief
Rabbi Yonah Metzger said Muslim claims that the
restored synagogue will somehow harm their interests
on the Temple Mount, located over two blocks east of
the site, are entirely baseless. "All we are doing is
resurrecting the Hurva, which was destroyed more than
60 years ago. We have no intention of rebuilding the
Temple." He added that "rumors suggesting we will
later march on the Temple Mount are just that, rumors;
inspired by a media spin by anti-Semites who wish us
Israeli officials expressed dismay that the PA leadership
allowed a public square in Ramallah to be renamed in
honor of Dalal Mughrabi, a Palestinian female terrorist
who participated in a heinous PLO attack upon an
Israeli civilian bus in 1978 that took the life of 13 Israeli
children and 23 adults, along with a visiting American
Jewish photographer. PA leaders had earlier said the
planned ceremony would be indefinitely postponed at
the request of US officials. They claimed that "local
residents and Fatah supporters" had carried out the
renaming ceremony without official PA government
sanction, which Israeli analysts said was absurd given
that PA security forces control the city and could have
easily prevented the large public gathering from taking

The restored Hurva synagogue, with its white painted
dome visible from my Jerusalem apartment window, is
a reminder that the Jewish people continue to thrive in
their capital city, despite how the nations, including
Israel's closest allies, react to that fact. Israel's God
warns that He will also react one day to world meddling
in the status of Jerusalem: "It will come about in that
day that will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the
peoples: all who lift it will be severely injured. And all
the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.
(Zechariah 12:3)



DAVID DOLAN is a Jerusalem-based author and

journalist who has lived and worked in Israel since