Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Johnny

Hi Johnny,

It has been many years since we went to school together and a lot has changed in our world since then. I've had more than my share of ups and downs in the job market and health but all in all I'm a survivor a struggler and a winner.

Some of your friends on Facebook sincerely care about our nation and the special treatment and special power being gained by groups trying to re-define what a family is. We aren't evil or stupid or morons but there is a massive amount of evidence and statistics out there showing the LGBT beliefs are bad for folks long term health, mental/physical health of children and bad for our nation.

Our nation was conceived in liberty but our freedoms stop at other people's noses. Someone has got to establish a very high standard of morality in our world or it just falls to pieces. The reason is everyone then has the right to do anything they want because they are their own moral standard. Its not because our grandparents were stupid and backward and didn't know nuthin' that the LGBT lifestyle wasn't celebrated in their day. No, it was because intrinsically they knew it was un-natural.

For U.S. laws there is no higher standard than a strict interpretation of the United States Constitution and for Man's moral guideline there is no higher standard than God's laws.

No civilization in ancient history has ever ever endured that floundered in perversion, sacrificed babies and children to gods or broke down in utter chaos. It isn't about us its about tomorrow and its about our nation not self-destructing to the point where drugs and sex is everywhere, beastiality is everywhere. The next step is marrying humans to animals and extending rights to those relationships as well. It just is a pandora's box.

If you aren't furious by now and still reading I'm almost done. I've tried to be as kind as possible but you must understand that I did not set up the universe the way it is or make its laws so it isn't me telling others what they can do or not do with their bodies. I'm just the messenger. I do believe in spiritual higher powers and the highest power. The highest power has a name and the Jews call Him Yahweh. Myself and Jim and others call Him God. We have found a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and he cleansed us and made us whole and gave us ways in which we can fight the "snare that so easily entagles"; otherwise we might be celebrating a world of no rules like so many others.

You're looking good man, I'm showing the years. Its been great keeping up with old faces and names these days. Please re-consider your position on this subject and remember that we Christians can't condemn anybody that people are condemned already enough. We believe the LGBT lifestyles forced on America publicly will wreck homes that are already wrecked enough. Children need a mother and a father to be whole complete little human beings that aren't brainwashed. It is essential for their spiritual lives and the very survival of our species.


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