Sunday, June 07, 2009


There is not a whole lot to post tonight but let's see if I can make a mountain out of this.
Coquetta treed a raccoon tonight. There is a new rip in the screen of the pool cage that was made larger by her escape yesterday. That left a swinging flap open for raccoons to get into the cats food up on the patio table. Coquetta was lunging at her collar while I was getting her hooked up on her rope. If she is not on a rope she runs off and that's illegal sort of.

I let her out the screen door and she moved so fast I could hear dirt flying as she jetted down the straightaway past the yucca trees. Authoritative growls and a very good attempt at climbing the tree. It was so funny and cute at the same time. I'm not sure if she knows what she would do with a 'coon if she caught one. The coons here are huge, maybe 3/4ths the size of the dog. Well they always look big in the dark.

It has been raining every day here and the creek is up making the garbage cans more attractive than fresh crustaceans.

I continue to be embarrassed by Obama's forays overseas. He is so in over his head and so naive I just constantly cringe at the words coming out of his mouth. I prefer to call him "Chairman Obama" because he is not legally the President of the United States according to the US Constitution. Besides the supernaturally coordinated soft revolution has descended our nation into a state of Marxism. Chairman Obama is more fitting; like Chairman Mousey-Tongue over there in China.

To stand in an Arab state governed by Sharia Law and brag about your Muslim roots is so ignorant. Its a slap in the face to Muslims to then brag about conversion to Christianity. For Christ's sake it would've been better if he had then presented them with a short gospel presentation and offered an invitation to them to convert. That would've been the more noble message to bring and straight to the point.

He is so in over his head that they're going to use him like a sharpened pencil or a good screwdriver. Oh geez I can't look! God save us from fools and ignorant men!

Then D-day speech tours in Europe and a visit to a Nazi concentration camp. It would've been better for him to have just said nothing than to open his mouth. Instead he talks about being on guard for the evil in us all. As Dennis Prager noted on his show covering D-day the level of evil is on an entirely different level than the evil in us all. Nazis took delight in evil, he said, and he reminded us of the fact that most of the Jews were naked before they were killed because the Nazis took delight in humiliating them. How many of us are on that level?

Yet! And yet the man stands there talking about evil Nazis but endorses every American baby-killing proposal Congress can bring him. The man is an abomination and that goes well beyond embarrassment to evil on the level of Nazis. The hypocrite. Our nation got exactly what it voted for and what it deserved. Only Divine Providence can give us what we don't deserve but we have asked Him to leave. Not please leave but just leave.

I would dearly like to see Coquetta sniff the Chairman of the United States to see what her reaction would be. Dogs know stuff. Would she bark if he came to the door? Probably but that will never happen. For the record Coquetta doesn't bark at everyone who comes to the door only people she doesn't trust.