Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello Chicago

Hi Chicago,
I hope all is well up there.  Nothing is more comforting than walking your sidewalks on a freezing day and finding a Caribou Coffee Shop to the rescue!  We are looking forward to another normal year with lots of fun and adventure.

I wanted to ask you if you ever thought about what you would do in a terrorist attack?  The world is kind of going crazy right now and the guy in the oval office is going soft on Islamic Jihad, being politically correct and attempting to disarm our 1st strike capabilities etc.  He's distanced Israel and given Israel's neighbors permission to act riotly, for lack of a better term.  

I've been studying the enemy from both the current news and from a Biblical perspective.  Some have said that this very moment is more tense than the days of the Cuban Missile crisis.  With Russia we were dealing with people that looked like us and were halfway sane in many ways except for godlessness.  We had helped them in WWII.  Islam is different in a vast way and its my impression that many of that faith have made their way into our country and into your area of the country in particular.  Heck I've even been driven in a taxi by a Muslim man from your airport.  Peaceful as they may seem, just as in Christianity there are wolves among sheep.  I've been reading a book written 4 years ago by
Mark Hitchcock called "Iran and the Coming Crisis- Radical Islam, Oil, and the Nuclear Threat".  He made no predictions however it is interesting to see how history since then has unfolded.  I'll probably send the book to my brother b/c I know he likes to read such.  In his book he outlines many options and events sort of like a game of chess.  The concept of a sleeper cell is talked about and how it might be activated by a signal to execute a plan.

The United States is a vast land with many options for an enemy but this enemy is different from a superpower type enemy.  So out the window goes the old plans for 'duck and cover' and the FEMA maps of likely targets and fallout patterns.  This enemy wants to strike at the heart of the American psyche as they did in 9/11 by bringing down our tallest buildings, symbols of infidel success.  They have no real discernible western style logic only hatred that goes back thousands of years (that itself being illogical because Islam is a comparatively new religion going back just 1200 years or so)  That is why secular pundits fail to reason out why things happen the way they do.  Even a lot of analysts leave out the Biblical perspective and miss the big big picture.  I won't go into that here you can buy
Mark's book instead.
So having said all that I just wanted to remind you that in their mind Chicago might be the kind of target they would select for several reasons and is one of several options for terrorist strikes.

  • Chicago is the rail capitol of the United States.  I can name about 5 freight railroads that use Chicago.
  • Coal from the Powder River Basin passes thru Chicago areas to customers in the east.  Chicago uses coal for energy.
  • Commerce - Chicago Board of Trade and major business hubs that process and buy and sell what America needs every day right down to the food on the table.
  • Not one but 2 international airports that are hubs leading to the hearts of American businesses here and overseas with many VIPs coming and going.
  • A distant but probably porous border with Canada.
  • By way of the Saint Lawrence Seaway you are connected to the ocean and probably receive and send container vessels or container ships.
  • Our oil refineries are in the south and we will still want to be customers no matter what!
  • Islam doesn't care that it is the home to the Obama's.  They're using him anyway.

A dirty bomb is a small container with radioactive material that can be distributed by the simplest explosive device.  It can poison the water people drink it can pollute an entire neighborhood or building complex and render it uninhabitable for weeks or months.  A nuclear bomb of the strength we used in Japan could be surface detonated right in the harbor if someone so much as fails to search a vessel somewhere along the line.  Did I mention sleeper cells?  You saw the anarchy resulting from just hurricane Katrina in New Orleans from people who have no moral compass and no regard for life.

I think I've given you enough information and I hope that you aren't reading this just before going to bed.  God is in control of this world still but I think its wise to have a family plan to meet at a certain spot and then quickly move in the proper direction to avoid as much of humanity as possible.  The basement is a good thing too.  In the crazy nuke scenario remember that your prevailing winds are to your advantage.  Our family has a plan in case of hurricane direct strikes on our town and fortunately we aren't much of a target here for terrorists unless you consider 85 year old men driving Buicks a menace.  I'll probably be one of them someday.

These are some encouraging verses about plans.Job 5:11-13
Psalm 33:9-11
Psalm 140:1-3
Isaiah 29:14-16
Jeremiah 29:10-12 (this was Babylonian Jews none better than the ones destroyed but God forgave and prospered His people as He does we can trust)

Genesis 8:21-22  My favorite verse against the global warming people.

Hope this helps,


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