Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Update for 2008

Hi Everyone,

Well another years has got behind us and boy what a year it has been for the Piddlemeyer klan!  It is time for that annual update on our family to yours.  Christmas greetings to all of you from the far north!!

Its been a tough year for me and James.  He got laid off from the cemetary and that led to financial problems.  Instead of coming straight home he stopped at the Sidtrack Tap that day and was arrested for battery.  I tried to comfort him by saying it is a good thing when deaths are down and health is up!  We celebrated with just a small purchase at the corner guy and that's when this cop...good old what's-his-name Frommish recognized me.  Well the dog started yelping and I was caught with a few capsules in my sweather pocket.  Four thousand dollar bond later and 3 nights in the slammer and we came home.  The TV was still running and all the cats were hungry as heck as you can imagine!

The answering machine was just chock full of messages and that was in September.  I didn't lissen to enny of 'em until after my 1st paycheck down at the motel.  How can I, Janice, be so fortunate to have a job when everyone else is unemployed!  Well Ma always did say I was a digger and a scrounger.

All 3 of our kids have gone in 3 different directions over the past year.  Fennel, last ah heerd from him he was still going from place to place with his boys in this band of his.  He's one tough young'un they're band is called "Knell"  and he plans on writing songs named after the 3 strings on his guitar for next year:  'Bland', 'Chert', and 'Dickel'.  So far Fennel has staid outta trouble and his pals I hear are quite the ladies men...and men's men.  I am so glad those juvinile detention days are behind pa and me now!

Our lovely Mace has giggled her way out of more trouble then I can remember in 2008.  Her two kids, one's my grandchild, are growing up just like their father, wherever he is.  Shroom is 4 and a handful and Bart is 3 and still not potty trained.  When she was released from Leavenworth on good girl behavior the lawyer accidently misspelled 'larceny' as 'alimony' so not only is her record clean but she's getting a monthly check from one of the inmates.

I am so proud of Anise I know she looks silly in the picture looking at her big brother but I could never get her to look straight into the camera.  Oh yes she lies and lies a lot but her and Fennel used to go 'round and 'round until I wanted to shoot both of them.  I'm so glad that's over.  Last year Anise made over $100,000 as a Leader.  She won't tell me what a Leader does but I know its okay because she wouldn't lie to her mother.  Anise is the hood ornament on the Piddlemeyer Rolls Royce but don't ya'll tell her brother and sister I said that!

Our next family reunion will be July 4th, 2009 we're all going to meet at Motel 6 in Mississipi then go to our usual place down on that casino on the beach.  That one with the big string of little flags on top that look like James's white laundry flapping in the breeze.  I thing we're all going to be fine this little dip for James is only temporary until things start happening again you know.  Give us a call on my cell phone and come on buy our house.  But don't come empty or all at once I don't want to raise eyebrows agin like the last time.  Lord bless us everyone!!

The Piddlemeyer Family