Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Liberals Want Our Church to Look Like

Lost souls look down their noses at evangelical Christianity as an institution that needs to be changed.  Stuck in the past.  Sorely needing to be made modern.  Behind the times.  Downright hateful.  These are some of the thoughts and bold assertions made by people who look at the floor in embarrassement when we pray or when we mention the name of Jesus in respectful tone.

I put together two images that convey what my church would look like from the perspective of the ordinary signs found on campus.  It gives me the creeps personally to look what I've created but more than that is what it does to Jesus Christ.  He was executed on the cross for sins that liberals want us to acclimate down to.

What looks like a phobia to the lost souls are actually self-defense mechanisms of Christians trying to defend what is true.  Defense against everything a Christian considers sinful- disobeying the law, alternate lifestyles that assault the plan God has for our lives, defending our own faith against foreign gods.

You see progressives are really not progressive if they put forward the same old sins that are 5,000 years old as somehow advanced and normal.  The real progressive is the one who put away the sins that entagle us and take up the cross of Christ and follow his example in our symbolic death-burial-resurrection sequence. 

Christ died on the cross for us all so when we step backwards into darkness we crucify the Lord all over again.  This is especially true for back-slidden Christians - Hebrews 6

If you have any questions or need specific references to bible quotations regarding any subject that irks you about Christians leave a comment.

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