Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pool Water Filtration at My House

I have a modest house in Florida and many even modest homes have a swimming pool.  Mine was probably constructed back in the 1980's although the house dates to the 1970's.  The pool is almost 8' deep at the drain and is constructed of cement.  It takes exactly 10,031 gallons of water to fill it to proper level about midway up the dark blue tile border.   We don't use the pool as much as one would imagine so its probably the most expensive decoration a home can have.   Its a shame really but water and plenty of it is soothing to the human soul so to even look at it is comforting.  I have a creek that runs along the back yard which I will mention later.

Recently visistors were to come to the house and stay for a week so my wife authorized me to change out the water and get it ready for swimming.  Financial times have been tough so part of my austerity program was to spend 0 dollars on the pool.  I just let it go.  Here's a picture at the end of 6 months of neglect.
Mr. and Mrs. Froggy found a living off bugs and larvae and who knows what else.  They settled in and had children all of which were later pumped out to the creek.  Maud and Claude were relocated to the creek bank as well.  A lovely couple and outstanding swimmers to catch with my skimmer net.

It was really quite easy to drain the cruddy water and pressure wash the walls and scour it with bleach.  The most problem was fussing with equipment like the gas engine and the electric sump pump when it had problems.  That being done I filled the pool with a garden hose over a period of about 3 days.  I turn it off during peak use times out of consideration of neighbors plus I don't want to run it during the night and risk overfilling.  In Sarasota county if you don't report your water usage in this way you will be charged for sewage treatment. They don't know that your 10,000 gallons didn't go back into the public system after all.

My circulation pump is a 1hp motor and it forces water through a Pentair FNS DE filter.  Diatomaceous Earth filters for pools are the finest level of reasonable filtration possible.  The media costs very little and looks exactly like bread flour.  You mix it in a 5 gal. bucket of water and slowly pour it into the return skimmer screen.  Over 2 or 3 days of running the garden hose you get some dust and pollen from the air but not a whole lot.  Most visible are just insects and leaves.  The next picture is a combined before and after shot of my pool.  'Before' is the city water un-balanced, un-filtered, and not chlorinated for people to swim in.  'After' is just 24 hours of filtering, a bag of pool shock and 1.5 gallons of pool chlorine.  In 24 hours my circulation pump has probably passed all the water twice through the DE filter grids.  Look at the amazing results.

The colors you see are the colors not absorbed by the water from the rainbow of colors.  The light is a ordinary filament bulb that gives off primarily a yellow-white light.  Photo taken at night with no flash obviously.  If anything this is proof that city water does need a little scrubbing but is good enough for human consumption.  The Pentair DE filter is capable of filtration down to 1/10 the width of a human hair or about the size of a particle of fog.  I think its a great filter and I recommend it.  I had a Jacuzzi brand DE filter and it was so complex and delicate I dreaded working with it.

I did have to adjust the Alkalinity a little with city water which brings me to my point about the creek behind my house.  The creek is basically a drainage canal of fresh water coming from commercial building condensation water drainage, neighborhoods watering lawns, rainwater obviously and tinted from the roots of plants.  BUT when I have filled my pool only with creek water the chemistry was perfect.  I needed no adjustment to Ph or alkalinity.  Just shock it and filter it and it was good to go.  I think that's interesting in itself.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

More Church Unification or "Nobody is as Dumb as All of Us"

To read up on this topic you can click -->World Communion of Reformed Churches .  But to read up and become as well informed as I am on the specific topic of Gender Justice in this unification of reformed churches you can click on the title of this post.  A PDF file will open up and you will be able to read the agenda outline of a royal smart female in this organization.  Gender justice resource paper has an intended purpose of finishing the work the ancients failed to implement.

Topic Sentence for this posting:  "John Calvin, John Knox, Martin Bucer, Heinrich Bullinger, Peter Martyr Vermigli, and Huldrych Zwingli you all have really cool names but you are all miserable failures for not beginning the work of gender equality and sexual orientation equality in your respective reformed churches.  We, the women, and we the women who are genetic errors are about to set you straight.  This is a historical step that the wise, all sufficient 100% biblically correct modern women of today will complete for you."

Resources: Any of the names and organizations mentioned in this posting can be easily researched in Wikipedia.  I am no expert and except for reading a little more from other sources Wikipedia will get you up and running in definitions and history.

Warning to Readers:  Do Not read too much about the issues of the Reformation Movement, the churchy vocabulary that defines it and the various creeds that contain it.  Otherwise you will tempt insanity from information  overload.  A side effect would be to come to a new appreciation of the ecumenical graduates whose theses were based on memorization of said overload.  Jesus saves.  That's all you have to know.

I could make this really complicated and paste diagrams of all the churches and denominations of the Reformation Movement but I want to make this easy to get to the point.  Instead I'm going to paste a railroad freight classification yard.

At the near end of the freight classification yard where the little gender neutral person is hanging off the side of the boxcar is representation of the results of unification.  Mid-picture all the rails represent various reformed churches.  Why use the term 'reformed'?  Because at the furthermost distant end of the rail yard that you cannot see is a single rail called The Catholic Church.  This rail yard, as many do, has a bypass around it for hotshot manifests that don't need anything added or subtracted because the hotshot manifests are sufficient to themselves as complete for the destination in the delivery of their train car contents.

There you have it!  The whole explanation of The Reformation Movement Unification in one photo and 4 sentences.  When you take that and add it to Bible scripture you have, possibly, 2 churches of the 7 churches alluded to in Revelation 1 and cryptically mentioned in Revelation 2.  This is a milestone in the spiritual history of the world.

Jesus said to us that we will hear wars and rumors of wars and that we should not be alarmed by that but that the end is still to come. (Mark 13)  Just easily one could conclude that we can hear of splits and rumors of unification among divisions of the church but do not be alarmed the end is still to come.  The Catholic Church views itself as the one true church and the Reformed Church, as a bad child, with no root historical connection to St. Paul and Jesus.  Reality is who cares what the Catholic Church thinks they have problems sufficient for their days.

The problem I have with these modernist progressive women and their cause is that without knowing it they denigrate and undermine the contributions of women in the church throughout history.  Worst is in the WCRC there is no room for discussion. It has been decided.  But to read this paper of the Reverend Patricia Sheerattan-Bisnauth an outsider would think that church ladies have been expected to wear burkah's or be barefoot and pregnant for their entire life in the church.  I have been a baptized Christian since the age of 12 and in my teen years a female ordained minister was hired at my Christian Church Disciples of Christ to wear the robe alongside our man minister.  The Holy Spirit alerted me that this was unnatural to God's design of the church because there was no shortage of men.  There are instances I am certain that have occurred in history where most of the men had been killed in war and a woman has stood up and served to pastor a village or to serve as a deaconess but it is not their place to be there on normal basis.  In other words there is a reason why men should be pastors and deacons and I will leave that for you to discover.  We haven't even touched the sodomite issue.

Anytime you want to know where a church denomination stands on sodomy search for discussions of gender.  Keywords surrounding this acceptance include 'gender', 'diversity', 'ethnic unification', 'cultural awareness' dialogs expressing 'concerns'.  In the Bible God condemns the adding or subtracting of words from scripture.  These women in the church are careful to avoid it technically speaking but in reality they are adding words that are not there.  Challenge me on that.  Give me proof.  Reverend Patricia gives her proof in Galatians 3:28.  What do you think?