Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nuancing the Constitution

No, nuance-ing is not a dance move but in  a    way   it  is cha cha cha!  Very often to the point of embarrassment all of the mainstream media that support Obama to Obama himself would never quite answer any question, no matter how simple, without completely getting us all lost in a mire of mashed potatoes.  "Is the sun yellow like you think it should be mister Obama?"  "Well, uh, you know it all depends on where you are standing and whether or not you are looking at the sun, which is dangerous don't get me wrong.  Small children should not be looking at the sun.  I would have to consider this and and consult with people privy to that information to make it definitive but the sun's yellowness has no bearing on the discussion of the subject at hand."...and you Senator McCain? "The sun is as yellow as Illinois corn!"

This whole discussion of Obama's birth certificate seems to have drifted off into the Island of Misfit Toys.  On we had pdf files of submissions to district court then supreme court.  Finally, well not finally let me nuance this, a video was posted of a expert in analyzing documents.  This man, whose voice and image were hidden and distorted, looks at documents and figures out whether they are truthful or forgeries.  He was quite certain that Obama's birth certificate was not an actual certificate of live birth and a forgery at that.  I leave you the reader to find that video.

In the other corner was a man, Alan Keyes, a constitutional scholar.  On various forums and his own website he discussed the amazing spectrum of problems of having a President, sworn in, who is not a citizen of this country.  If hearing and seeing is better than reading information one can find videos on YouTube from Keye's website that talk about these very things.  Our courts could be tied up for decades with challenges to every single solitary signature on every document Obama signs while he is in the presidency.  The other abyss that gets opened up is if this part of the constitution can be ignored what else is there that CAN'T be ignored?

What do I think?  I think Barack Obama is not a citizen of the USA.  The evidence is just too overwhelming and the supportive response from the Defense who should be concerned  is underwhelming.  I feel like I should just drink the Flavor_Aid like everyone else.  When you think about it long enough you will see that perhaps being an illegal alien your entire life could make you evasive at answering questions. 

The heart of the story is the reality of single parent homes and unwanted children.  Once, a long time ago, a mom had an illegitimate child and he was not aborted.  He grew up to become a man so powerful that he endorsed, applauded, and approved the very operation that could have prevented him from existing in the first place.  How ironic and sad his mother's moral values were higher than her son's.  But children cannot decide who their mom and pop are going to be nor where they are going to be born.   Of all the qualified people in the United States what are the odds we would end up with a President like this?  Answer- there are no odds because God is in control of the odds so we have who we needed to have at this moment in history.

Aye chihuahua this posting shows I've been reading too many Ted Dekker books.

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