Friday, February 12, 2010

A Man of Integrity? President Mahmoud Ahmedinijad

I try hard to make up title's for this blog that will grate on your nerves and invite you to read its content...sometimes.

What is a man of integrity?  Once again remembering my speech class in Middle School a speakers rough outline is to 1. Tell your audience what you are going to say.  2.  Tell them.  3. Tell your audience what you told them.  This forms the basis for speeches and essays and even blogging which is nothing more than a really informal essay.  Expanding this outline to action steps we have a person of integrity as a person of kept promises who makes plans known and then follows through with them.  I am going to tell you that in that sense the President of Iran is a man of integrity.

Obviously the whole concept of integrity is a framework made of a system of values and of course values rooted in God or a god.  The word 'integrity' is like the word 'temperature' in which it has no meaning unless you attach values.  Good/bad morals for integrity and hot/cold for temperatures.  Jesus spoke of this when he said to his audience to be hot or cold for him for if they are lukewarm he spit them out of his mouth.

Announcing that Iran would begin enriching uranium the President of Iran said on April 9, 2006 "I am officially announcing that Iran has joind the group of countries which have nuclear technology."  He refers to the operating of centrifuges for the purpose of weapons grade uranium.  He began preparations for this speech by breaking UN seals over the labs January of that same year.  A man of integrity follows through on his plans.  Of course he's insane I'm not praising him lest you think I'm insane as well!  Here's the proof as his speech continued: "...At this historic moment, with the blessings of God almighty and the efforts made by our scientists...produced enriched uranium needed to the degree for nuclear power plants Sunday."  (a lovely Sunday sermonette eh?)  Insanity is doing something like this in the name of a god. 

Let me just add this about these lovely scientists of his:  Some of his scientists and engineers were trained at universities in America.  Notably at my university the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  This university, buried in the heart of America, surrounded by modest mountains and hillbilly forests, had its own nuclear reactor.  The only university that did, at this time.  Buried in the heart of America were Islamic students even at my local Garland county Community College.  Many enrolled in engineering , to my knowledge, without exception.  I had friends, I was a member of the Foreign club.  I attended the wedding of my friend Mahmood after my girlfriend became enchanted by him.  I also dated a Jordanian girl briefly.  A beautiful girl that played guitar.  I asked myself where does one get the money to project onself to the other side of the planet to attend a college in the heart of flyover country and why?  Just one example comes from the day I was sick and missed a class.  I don't remember whether it was Dynamics, an engineering course with obvious applications to understanding centrifuges, or my Calculus 2 class but the math and notes were critical.  I stopped by a future Islamic terrorist organization member and fellow classmate to copy his notes from class that day.  There on his bookshelf was a bag, I kid you not, the size of a 1 gallon Ziploc, filled with marijuana.  I pretended not to notice and retrieved his notes and finished my business.  Look, I barely knew enough evil existed to know that I needed Jesus.  These were all just people to me and that in truth is the way it should be.  My friend, that was a girl, that Mahmood married was an American white girl.  I asked her what her father did, I had earned her trust, she nonchalantly told me that her father flew a small plane to Louisiana and back carrying freight and sometimes carrying drugs.  These are the types of alliances Persians often look for to achieve their ends.  I don't know what ever happened to what's-her-face but I hope she's happy.

What the President of Iran did in 2006 was bold and defiant and beligerant but the world took him seriously.  Jacques Chirac, president of France, said on January 19, 2006 "Leaders of states who would use terrorist means against us, just like anyone who would invisage using, in one way or another, arms of mass destruction, must understand that they would expose themselves to a firm and fitting response from us.... This response could be conventional.  It could also be of another nature."  The Associated Press stated: "Chirac even hinted that France had already retargeted its nuclear arsenal." AP source  Remember this is coming from the land of pastries, impressionism, and Peugeot!  You can imagine what we've done.

Finally, four years later our man of integrity is telling us what he told us he was going to do.  He announced his nation has joined the other nuclear armed nations.  If only we had such a strong and determined leader, under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all, of course.  I am not worried because the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is in control of the master plan and Iran is only an event on a much more complete timeline.

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