Friday, November 14, 2008

Intelligent Design

Today I was scooping up a new wallpaper from the National Geographic website. I enjoy animals and this time I found a glowing photo of a lion pride. For many years I supported NG with my subscription but no more. It became so sure of itself with regard to evolution that it was obnoxious. It wasn't scientific at all it was defacto acceptance of foregone conclusions with no apparent flexibility to new data. This isn't scientific its religous so I dropped them but I appreciate their free photography. At one time it would've been a dream of mine to work for them in that capacity.

Now, as you can see in the illustration above, they are finally admitting nature possesses a quality that can only be described as Intelligent Design. Substitute "nature" with the name of God "Yahweh" and it fits. Take out the smirking comment about "got right the first time around" and you have an appreciative magazine that I would subscribe to once again. Unlike Man Yahweh does not make mistakes. Are you with me?

Once you give credit to God for his creation and not worship the creation but the Creator then the door is opened to you. It doesn't prevent you from calculating the potential energy in the sinews of the hind legs of a cheetah switching directions and accelerating from 30kph to 0kph to 43.5kph. Worshipping God does not prevent you from plugging in the 35Kg mass for the cheetah and graphing inertia vs potential energy. It doesn't prevent you from indexing the DNA of the cheetah to a certain point and comparing that to a dog's DNA for gestation periods!

Reader? Are you with me? Do some research on famous scientists of the past whose very last names make up units of measure, have world-wide fame and acclaim and whether or not they were bible believing saints. If you are an atheist this will shock you with the discovery that Christians have brains! We are all around you and we believe in the inerrancy of the Bible and the exitence of a creator God. Ever heard of someone say "okay I've planned this project all out and now I'm going to breath life into it!" God creates with His breath that is why it takes breath to pronounce His Hebrew name 'Yahweh'. Say it out loud don't be afraid and you will see. God creates with perfection the first time around unlike you and I.

Atheist reader when you insult Christian scientists and wish them dead you are looking Blaise Pascal, Charles Babbage, Leonardo da Vinci, Issac Newton, and Joule among 100's of others and saying the same thing!

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